The Venus Factor system is all about shedding that weight you’ve always had trouble losing. Well in this article I just want to share 5 simple exercises to help you tone your stomach.

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Strong abdominal exercises can help you with your posture; it makes you feel leaner and better. Yeah, if you have a very busy schedule, it could be very difficult for you to find time for crunches but nevertheless, you need to find time to do the core exercises to tone your stomach and abdominal muscles since those area is the most difficult to shape.

Venus Factor Tip: 5 Exercises To Help Tone A Women’s Stomach

The tendency is that most females end up getting injured or exhausted, so don’t overdo things. Instead, just aim for at least 20-30 minutes a day to do the top 5 exercises to help you tone your stomach and eventually lose fat. Let’s move on to a few of these Venus Factor exercises.

Abdominal hold. This kind of exercise is effective for targeting the lower portion of the belly. Abdominal hold is a sort of move that looks wonky, so make sure that your roommate won’t catch you when doing it. To do the abdominal hold, you need to sit on the edge of a chair and place your hands on the edge of the chair with your fingers pointing towards your knees. Bring your toes 2 to 4 inches off the floor and tighten your abs. Then lift your butt off the chair.

Hold this position for as long as you can. Take rest then do it for another try. You are actually lifting your own weight with the use of your arms when you do abdominal hold. This tones, the abdominal muscles as well.

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The V ups. I’ve seen few female friends doing this one and at the beginning, this can be painful but later on it can give you the most toned belly. V ups are exercise that work on both the upper part and the abdominal muscles at the same time. It is also good to strengthen the lower back muscles and thighs. Girls, you need to put an extra careful when doing V ups because this can cause lower back injury.

To do it, lie back with your legs extended and near together, toes should be pointed and your arms close to your side. Keep your legs straight and lift them up, at the same time, raise your upper body off the floor and reach your toes with your hands. Forming a letter V, squeeze your abdominal muscles as you reach your toes and then slowly release; lower yourself down to the starting position. Let’s keep moving forward with the next Venus Factor exercise.

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Jack knife sit ups. This is a kind of sit up is more complicated than the ordinary kind of sit up. Jack knife sit ups involves all abdominal muscles. This builds solid, strong abs with effective body weight exercise that targets the core.

To do this, you need to sit on the floor or mat. Lie supine with the hands to side then simultaneously raise your knees and torso until the knees and hips are flexed. Then return to the starting position with waist, hips and knees are extended straight on the floor. This is kind of exercise is similar to V ups but with legs is blended.

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Kneeling cross crunches. There are two types of oblique muscles, the internal and external muscles which are positioned on opposite diagonal lines and are located on the sides of the stomach. When a person twist or bend the oblique muscles contract in order to protect the spine.

Also, these muscles contract when doing the kneeling cross crunches because this exercise shorten the distance between the hips and the ribs.

To start the kneeling cross crunch, you need to kneel on a mat, hand on your hip and step one of your foot forward so that makes you on one bended knee. Place one of your hand behind the head and the other hand on your hip. Do a cross crunch bring your one elbow across the other. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and brace your abs in a tight position. Return to the starting position and do this as many as you can.

Bicycle in and out. Like the kneeling cross crunch, bicycle in and out also target the oblique muscles and toned the stomach area. To do it, like on your back with both knees bent into your chest and hands clasped behind the head. Lift your upper back and head on the floor and lift your legs into a 90 degree angle, knees close to each other and feet flexed.

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Then turn your left shoulder to the right, opening the elbow to the side and turning the chest torso to the right. Stay put and hold the twist, then extend the legs straight without arching back. Bend your knees back in still holding the twist and do this for several times. I hope you enjoyed this Venus Factor Workout tip


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Venus Factor Is All About The Ladies

A lot of people are confused right now and think that the new Venus Factor workout program is for men and women.

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The program is designed for especially for women and not for men. John Barban has created a number of programs for men, but this time he wanted to focus on us, the ladies. I for one, am happy that we are getting paid some attention in this field.

As most of you know I’m still working on my Venus Factor Review, but I thought I would share a cool fitness video I ran across. Please keep in mind that this video has nothing to do with Venus Factor. This is just a random video I found online which shares a simple Abdominal exercise we can do to get those abs we want.

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Remember that part of my goal with this site is to provide content and value, even outside of what Venus Factor is. John Barban designed this program to work only for women! He spent years working on figure out exactly what makes the differences when it comes to women getting the body they always wanted.

The goal of this website is to make sure you get informed and have the information you need to make an informed decision regarding The Venus Factor Workout system. So below is a pretty cool video which I think you’ll enjoy, but keep in mind this isn’t directly realted to John Barban’s fitness program.

A Cool, Random Workout Video That Has Nothing To Do With Venus Factor.

So once again, this video has nothing to do with Venus Factor. I just thought it was cool and useful and wanted to share it with all of you.

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