I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know how they can try the Venus Factor workout program for women completely free.

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Venus Factor Free Trial

One of the main reasons people never act on something is fear. Well when it comes to the Venus Factor you don’t need to be afraid because you technically have a chance to try this program out for 60 days with no risk at all. The Venus Factor is being offered thru a trusted company called Clickbank.

Venus Factor

Clickbank is an online retailer who basically processes orders and offers products like Venus Factor to the masses. They have a 60 day money back guarantee on all programs they offer. If you don’t like a program you get to have a full refund back. All you have to do is send them an email letting them know.

Give Venus Factor A Try For 60 Days Or Money Back

So why am I telling you this? Well I want you to give the Venus Factor a try because I know once you get going you will love it and want to keep it. Sometimes people just need to give something a try to truly discover if it’s a right fit for them or not. So visit the Venus Factor website and give it a try for 60 days.

Now when I say give it a try I mean you need to actually put in the work and the effort. Nothing is gained from only doing a little bit of work or not giving it your all. So give the workout program a try and if you truly feel it’s not a right fit return it within those 60 days and get your money back.

Well I got to go, but I just wanted to let you know about the Venus Factor 60 Day Trial.


Venus Factor Is All About The Ladies

A lot of people are confused right now and think that the new Venus Factor workout program is for men and women.

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The program is designed for especially for women and not for men. John Barban has created a number of programs for men, but this time he wanted to focus on us, the ladies. I for one, am happy that we are getting paid some attention in this field.

As most of you know I’m still working on my Venus Factor Review, but I thought I would share a cool fitness video I ran across. Please keep in mind that this video has nothing to do with Venus Factor. This is just a random video I found online which shares a simple Abdominal exercise we can do to get those abs we want.

Venus Factor


Remember that part of my goal with this site is to provide content and value, even outside of what Venus Factor is. John Barban designed this program to work only for women! He spent years working on figure out exactly what makes the differences when it comes to women getting the body they always wanted.

The goal of this website is to make sure you get informed and have the information you need to make an informed decision regarding The Venus Factor Workout system. So below is a pretty cool video which I think you’ll enjoy, but keep in mind this isn’t directly realted to John Barban’s fitness program.

A Cool, Random Workout Video That Has Nothing To Do With Venus Factor.

So once again, this video has nothing to do with Venus Factor. I just thought it was cool and useful and wanted to share it with all of you.

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Venus Factor Has Arrived Today

Welcome to my Venus Factor review and Information Hub. My name is Sarah and I created this website to share my thoughts and opinions about this brand new fitness program for women created by John Barban.

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The Venus Factor was just released the other day and I’ve been seeing tons of sites talking about this brand new program, but I yet to see a website that had all the information about this program in one place. So the purpose of this website is to be the number one source for all information and news about The Venus Factor. I’ve been a fan of John Barban since his Adonis Golden Ratio program came out a while back.

He was one of the first fitness people I came across on the internet. His program really inspired me and helped me to take my fitness and weight loss to the next level.

So when I heard he was coming out with a program just for women I was pretty excited to say the least. As you ladies know our bodies are quite different from the good ol’ boys and so we require a different training program all together. I truly hope the Venus Factor doesnt let me down.

venus factor

Venus Factor Review Coming Soon

It’s actually pretty hard to find a good women fitness program online, but The Venus Factor changes that for us. So when I heard it got released I picked up a copy and have been going through the program.

So as soon as I finish reading it I will write up and post my full and in-depth Venus Factor Review for you to read. I could create a simple review based from his sales page, but I don’t feel that right.

A real review is written only after someone goes thru the program and puts it into action. So please give me a week or so as I really put The Venus Factor into action and see if it’s worth your time and energy. Personally I have a feeling it’s going to be pretty good because anything John Barban does is top notch.

His programs always do quite well and people speak very highly of him.

Venus Factor

Click The Image Above To Watch A Presentation Video From Venus Factor

Venus Factor Updates Are On The Way

So please bear with me over the coming weeks as I try to get this website up and running and write my review of the program. I’ll be adding articles, workouts, exercises, videos, tips and techniques. I’ll also be adding all the latest news from The Venus Factor.